We have witnessed the extensive destruction of life and property caused by the sudden floods in the Uttarakhand region in 2013. Thousands of people have died; towns and livelihoods have been devastated and many thousands of people remain stranded and vulnerable, waiting to be rescued and evacuated. There was shortage of food, shelter and other basic amenities needed for survival in these areas.

Nishtaa NGO worked in Uttrakhand and supported the ongoing relief efforts. Children and elders were the most vulnerable in that situation and we were working to supply them with the food, shelter, water and protection reaches to them in the affected areas of the state.

Nishtaa NGO is a Non- Governmental Organisation established towards welfare; aimed at the alleviation of women and children and overall betterment of society especially for the poor and helpless. Nishtaa NGO work towards Health care for the needy and poor, Support for child and adult education and creating environmental awareness in the community.