Nishtaa Ngo is a nonprofit community based organization working towards women empowerment, education and livelihood promotion. It was setup to augment the livelihood of lowest stratum of society. It aspires to improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized by adopting strategies through community initiative, participation and sensitization. The organization has worked among backward communities in the interior unreached pockets of Uttarakhand, identified as one of the most under developed states in India. Women self employed groups have been taken as the base for all interventions and livelihood activities enabling them to contribute towards mainstream development process.

We work towards Health care for the needy and poor, support for child and adult education and creating environmental awareness in the community.

Nishtaa NGO is registered under Societies Registration Act of 1860 under registration no. S/67156/2009.

We aim at providing Books, educational materials etc. to needy students and schools, Organizing a regular program for providing basic education to the adult, providing medical assistance to the needy and have-nots (Free consultation and medicines), providing relief work undertaken in case of natural calamities, flood, earthquake, drought, accidents etc and providing livelihood support for our ageing generation through Old Age Homes.

Nishtaa NGO worked in Uttarakhand and supported the relief efforts at the time of flood in the year of 2013. Children and elders were the most vulnerable in that situation. We have all been witnessed the extensive destruction of life and property caused by the sudden flood in the Uttarakhand region. Thousands of people have died, towns and livelihoods have been devastated and many thousands of people remain stranded and vulnerable, waiting to be rescued and evacuated. There was acute shortage of food, shelter and other basic amenities needed for survival in these areas. We worked to supply them with the food, shelter, water and protection reached them in the affected areas of the state.

We have reached 372 individuals during the emergency relief phase. We have also received the Authorization Letter to work on “Rehabilitation and Recovery Intervention in Rudraprayag” from District Magistrate, Rudraprayag. On the basis of which we have conducted rehabilitation operations for the victims of the flashflood in Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Pithoragarh Districts in Uttarakhand. We also worked to help out the victims, aimed at collecting and sending urgent relief materials (rice, pulses, biscuits, blankets, woolens, sanitary napkins, utensils, torches batteries, candles, water and milk bottles etc.) and essential medicines (Betadine, First Aid kits, Hydrogen Peroxide and vitamins). We opened computer and stitching learning center at village Korkhi, Bhesari and Rudrprayag to give trainings to the victims for employment or self employment.

Nishtaa NGO has the objective of giving the much needed impetus to the holistic development of women and children. We ensure a state of well being for women and children especially those of the weaker section of society.