NISHTAA NGO is working since 2009 and have done commendable social work towards upliftment of women and children economically, socially and politically. We have helped thousands of women and children in Uttarakhand through training centers established in the affected areas during 2013 tragedy.

After concluding our rehabilitation and vocational skilling in Uttarakhand, we are now moving towards setting up permanent महिला एवं बाल कौशल वृधि केंद्र where we will not only train the needy women and children but also provide them infrastructure to produce and sell their products.

We are in the process of bringing out our 1st Issue – सशक्तिकरण which will carry valuable information and work done towards augmenting the livelihood of lowest stratum of society.


  • To train women and children and empowering them to earn their livelihood through respectable means
  • To empower women and children to produce and sell products using NISHTAA Kaushal Vridhi Kendras
  • To uplift the role of women and children economically, socially and politically
  • To raise entrepreneurial awareness


  • To train 50000 thousand women and children by 2026 from the lowest stratum of society and support them to earn their livelihoods through Nishtaa Women and Children Livelihood Development Centres.